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Who is Yeti Bite?

Gary Kane aka Yeti Bite is an artist providing multiple creative services ranging from illustration and design to branding and 3d modeling. He prides himself on razor-eyed design aesthetics and illustration with focused execution. He has a comprehensive process starting with rough concept sketches & creative direction, ending in production-ready designs and artwork that stands out on the shelf as well as in the crowd.

Industries he vibes with on a day to day but not limited to are entertainment and athletic brands, haunted attractions, skateboarding, NFT, automotive, racing, toy lines, CrossFit, gym life, horror and sci-fi merchandise, clothing lines, music merchandise, energy drinks, supplements, cannabis and alcohol brands, and many more.

He has over twenty-five years of experience being a multi-disciplinary artist. He is a lifelong gamer and admirer of retro type and art and 80’s era toy lines. He’s created multiple best-selling designs for his clients. He stays current on design trends, finds interest and inspiration in food, music, photography, travel, 3d illustration, animation, and ancient history.

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